Are Food And Pot Inseparable Again?

The material of the pan greatly affects the taste and mood when cleaning. The most rewarding thing about being in the kitchen all year is watching the ingredients turn into a delicious meal by your own hands. A good pan to burn a good table, not choose the right pan, either frying is very greasy smoke, or easy to stick to the pan. And a good non-stick pan can make us love cooking and make life easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, today I would like to share with you some tips on how to buy a non-stick pan, as well as recommend a few good non-stick pans.

What should I pay attention to when buying a non-stick pan?

  • Coating Material

Non-stick pans are generally selected for non-stick coating to achieve non-stick effect, so the coating used when buying a pan is one of the important selection factors. Generally speaking, certified coating is safe and does not contain toxicity. But the coating is a certain time life, to pay attention to maintenance, can not use iron spatula, wire balls, etc., otherwise the coating is easy to scratch off, reducing the non-stick effect. Common coating materials are mainly Teflon coating, ceramic coating, wheat rice stone coating.

So far there are still many people talk about Teflon, and even dare not use non-stick pans. But in fact, Teflon can be used safely for a long time below 260°C (500°F), and the smoke point of common cooking oil is mostly between 200°C and 250°C. Even for daily cooking, frying and deep-frying, the temperature generally does not exceed 250°C, so the normal use of pots and pans can be completely safe.

In addition, cast iron pots and pans can become “non-stick” if properly maintained, and the oil film over the years has formed its “non-stick coating”. The non-stick effect may be worse than coated non-stick pans, but the victory is uncoated, no need to worry about coating off and other issues.

  • Price

Similar to the “longevity” of sharpness of knives, the degree of non-stick and wear resistance of the coating also affects the price of the pan, but the grade of the coating and the duration of durability are not necessarily proportional.

In addition to the coating, you should also consider the material and thickness of the pot body. The thicker the pot, the higher the price will usually be. Although a penny is worth a pound, but a tenth of the price may also be two parts of the goods, so when buying pots and pans or depends on your budget and needs.

How to extend the service life of non-stick cookware?

1,,The wear resistance of different coatings is different, and their useful life will be different. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of non-stick pans, you need to have the correct use of the method.

2. cook food with low heat, such as the need to cook with high heat should also be preheated first, do not let the pan overheat, because high temperature will destroy the non-stick coating. Be careful not to dry-fire at high temperatures for a long time!

3. Silicone, plastic or wooden spatula should be used, avoid contact with metal or sharp utensils to avoid scratching the coating.

4. Do not touch cold water immediately after use, but wait for the pan to cool slightly before cleaning to avoid bulging of the coating.

5. Use soft cleaning tools such as sponges or loofahs when cleaning, along with mild detergents, do not use rough cleaning cloths or steel balls, etc.

Have you learned today? Next issue continue to take you to share good non-stick cookware recommendations!

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