Some Ritualistic Kitchen Goodies!

To make good food for the family has always been my favorite and try to do things. Now I don’t just like to buy home furnishings. I also love to find kitchen products. Buy the products you want. Cooking mood will be great!

  • Joseph Joseph

It is a brand created by a pair of twins from the UK. The goal is to help modern housewives have a clean, stylish and functional kitchen. I just came across this brand not long ago, when I was also being grassed up by everyone. As soon as I saw its product design concept and some pictures. The whole person was attracted. It’s my kind of kitchen. Like this look simple and clean style. Now I want to slowly replace some of the products at home with its family.

Its baking series set is very famous. Not only high value. Design is also very good. Several sets can overlap when not in use to save space. And each function is particularly complete. Material said to belong to the food-grade resin. BPA-free. can be used with confidence.

  • Multifunctional Stirring Bar

This blender is also online value and function, is a two-in-one function blender. Heat-resistant to 270 , easy to store, easy to clean, but also a good helper for baking!

  • Rotatable Multifunctional Peeler

This 3 in 1 function to peel the knife. Can be a must for the whole family! With it, enough to cope with the daily peeling needs. Not only can peel the hard skin. Can also peel the soft skin. It really works well!

  • Kitchen Sink Drainage Storage Rack

This I bought also like. Feels like the kitchen sink near a sudden tidy too much. All kinds of cleaning supplies, wire ring rags and such can be placed on it. In addition to the size I bought this. There is a larger size. pictures I also put again below, two sizes and colors you can choose according to their preferences.

The OXO brand is really a household name! It is an American brand. The products are very extensive. Not only kitchen products, but also baby products and home comprehension are also involved. All major supermarkets will also see its figure. I will also talk about the products I have bought.

  • Scale Measuring Cup

This is a direct look down on the reliable scale to measure the cup. Super convenient. One step in place, and the handle is and non-slip treatment. Very thoughtful. The design of the mouth of the cup can be a good fit for the liquid outflow.

  • Dishwashing Brush

Convenient and compact design. You can add detergent at any time. With nylon bristles. Easy to use. No worries about deformation over time, and the brush head can be replaced.

  • Drainage Pad

To choose a pad to drain water after washing dishes, you can not hesitate to choose it. Silicone non-slip material. Then the whole mat convex design, easy to drain. Very good indeed. Also very easy to clean. Can directly put the clean dishes on it. I am now on top and then a rack, so you can double drain, so is not very good!

Next time there are any goodies I will continue to share the sunshine. Thank you for watching until the end of the little one!

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