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Nowadays,more and more kitchens are made open, and the kitchen has become an important part of the overall home design that cannot be ignored. We will spend effort to choose the color and style of the cabinets and the material of the countertops, but it is often easy to ignore the kitchen appliances that will be used at high frequencies. As a good cook and high-frequency use of the kitchen, a variety of kitchen utensils will have certain requirements, in addition to functionality to be good in addition to hope that the appearance of the value is also online, because good-looking appliances will also greatly enhance the pleasure of cooking.

We often see the kitchen scene is: stainless steel stove, stainless steel knives, stainless steel sink, stainless steel pots and pans, really the same without any sense of beauty of life, so after meeting these two brands, I was really excited about the design and functionality of their products, can be said to be a refreshing stream in the kitchen utensils. Especially their price is enough to be considered the conscience of the industry compared to their humane and creative design.

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It is a brand from the United Kingdom, the founder is a pair of academic twin brothers, established just this year 15 years, because of its unique sense of design and excellent functionality has made it from a small factory in the United Kingdom has developed into a well-known kitchenware brand sold worldwide.

Rotary Peeler (3-in-1 vegetable peeler)

Because shredded potatoes are the specialty of many people, after trying many peelers, I think this one is really a godsend. Because the torque is shorter, the operation is much smoother, less force, and naturally much safer. Simply rotate the three blades and you can choose the type of peeling you want standard, serrated or shredded. The external plastic case can be easily opened for cleaning.

SpiceStore (Spice jar set and stand)

The set includes 10 different sizes of borosilicate (hard and durable) glass jars and a swivel stand with a non-slip bottom, which not only keeps the kitchen counter neat and space-saving, but the glass jars are well sealed to ensure the freshness of the spices for a long time. There is also a label included for easy preparation of different seasonings.

DrawerStore (Expandable cutlery tray)

Its removable and extendable function fits most drawer sizes and allows for good sorting of cutlery.

In this series I think the most outstanding is its garbage can, Totem garbage can also won many home design awards. It perfectly solves the problem of how to place kitchen waste and recyclables in one space without affecting each other.

Sink Aid (In-sink tidy)

It is placed on the side wall of the sink, making the countertop look neat without taking up extra space, and is really recommended.

Next issue to continue to share kitchen goodies, I hope these can help you!

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