She’ll Really Like It!

What do girls like? Only like cakes and desserts? For mug control, a mug you like can also cure you in minutes. Since the family has an exclusive coffee machine, every morning or afternoon to make their own cup of mellow coffee, with their favorite cup, feel the simple life has become very good.

Cup control buy cups like girls buy clothes, feel always less one, as long as you like the cups will still have the impulse to buy. Look at these months one after another to buy some good-looking cups. Each of them is the recent heart love, belong to the kind of pendulum to see the mood is also very happy.

  • Wedgwood

This tea set from Wedgwood, really is a very high value. Afternoon tea full of ceremony it is absolutely the most appropriate. The oval embossed pattern on the cup plate with hand-painted gold rim, the capacity of the tea cup is about 220ML, very lightweight, the handle design is very linear, although the price is a little expensive. But it is really worth entering. Self-use or gift are very suitable. This brand of tea set in many platforms entity stores can buy, and so discount into will be better, now prices have risen, even tableware is also more expensive than before.

  • Wedgwood (white strawberry tea cup)

This one is also from Wedgwood and is from their white series of wild strawberries. The texture of the cup is very good, always love the white cups, very much like the embossed strawberry pattern on this cup and saucer. Capacity is about 250ML, usually drink tea and coffee are very good.

  • Arabia 24H

Recently I like Scandinavian style mugs. Bought a few cups in the Nordic nest. This blue mug is from Finland’s Arabia, a brand that has many vintage models on the market and is very expensive. This is just the entry level, a set of almost 40 dollars. Its cups and saucers are sold separately, the capacity is about 260ML, the general pull of the cup between 200-300 can be. Simple and simple, but very durable, the more you look at the more you like. The texture of the mug goes without saying that it can afford its price. Into the oven, dishwasher and microwave are no problem.

  • Arabia Sunnuntai

The same is true for another basic model from the Arabia family. I like this color too much, the yellow cup looks bright with the mood. 280ML capacity can drink coffee or tea, the price will be a little more expensive than the blue one. This brand of cups are very high value, worth entering.

  • Marimekko

Marimekko’s cup is also considered a Netflix model, bought two small cups with a capacity of about 200ml, the texture is very much like. The small one is very cute in the hand. Pink this set of 2, $ 40 knife, and so the discount into the more cost-effective. Red this design pattern is very Marimekko, the more you look at the more you like, they have a good color scheme every season, I feel that this is a never-ending series to buy.

Are these all very exciting to you? Why not take action? Welcome to like the collection, next issue continue to recommend!

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