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Today we continue to bring you some knowledge of knives, not particularly boring little articles of course! So first of all, do you know the precautions that we should take when it comes to knives and forks at parties?

In the banquet, each dish is served with a pair of knives and forks, and the knives and forks placed in front of you are taken in order from the outside inwards. When the knives and forks are used up, the serving of food is also over. In the middle of a conversation or break, the knife and fork should be flat on both sides of the plate in a figure of eight. If the knife and fork are placed side by side on the plate with the handles facing you, the dish is ready and the waiter will remove the plate. For appetizers and desserts that can be served directly with a fork, there is no need to deliberately use a knife. For family meals or casual gatherings with friends, softer dishes such as salads or omelets can be eaten with a fork only. However, the use of a knife and fork at a formal banquet can give a more elegant and sharp feeling.

In addition, in Europe and other places, it is common to see people eating with a fork in their right hand and bread in their left. No matter how elegantly you eat, you can only eat like this at home or in a popular restaurant, and it will never work in a fine restaurant. If you don’t use the knife, just leave it on the table and the waiter will take it away automatically.

So Do You Know And Understand Antibacterial Knife And Fork?

With the continuous occurrence of public health incidents, people’s living environment and daily utensils of cleanliness and hygiene requirements are also increasingly high. People want stainless steel utensils in addition to stainless, clean as new features, but also have anti-mold, antibacterial, corrosion resistance and other functions. So, as the intersection of materials science and environmental science and the development of a new material, antibacterial stainless steel came into being.

Antibacterial knife and fork are mainly divided into coating antibacterial and full material antibacterial. Coating antibacterial need to be pretreated, such as acid washing, alkali washing, and then sprayed with lacquer film and photocatalyst, etc. for high-temperature baking, not only the process is complicated, the cost is also very high, and to provide users with the current only forming plates, etc., should not be used for forming utensils and parts.

Antibacterial materials more refers to a new class of functional materials by adding certain antibacterial substances, so that the material has the ability to inhibit or kill surface bacteria, such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial fibers and fabrics, antibacterial ceramics, antibacterial metal materials, etc.. In the medical field, household products, household appliances, food packaging and other fields have extremely broad application prospects, in today’s increasing demand for environmental health, the application of antibacterial materials are more widely concerned.

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