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Barbecue is too big a proposition, but most people are attracted to American barbecue, where there are roast turkeys, big steaks, pork chops and grilled fish, especially beef. The pleasure of drinking an extra-large beer and eating a lot of food is only felt in North America. Barbecue has the widest popular following in North America.

Barbecue has its own style in almost every country in North America (the United States, Canada, Greenland), and in general it is mainly smoked over charcoal for a longer period of time. So in their courtyards we can often see a variety of barbecue grills for smoking, and this barbecue grill is often different from the most widely used open barbecue grills in our country, whether portable or courtyard-style, often to smoke the main barbecue grill. Large and spacious barbecue grill for the American people formed a unique food culture, people casually standing at the grill while sharing barbecue meat while talking about the world, and at this time a grill to meet the needs of the main character.

Weber, the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor grilling equipment, came up with a better grilling idea in 1952 while George Stephen Sr. was working at the Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois, making marine buoys. His invention was a dome-shaped grill with a lid to protect the original flavor of the food and seal the smoky flavor in the grill. George Stephen cut a float in half, added some vents and brackets, and thus sparked a backyard revolution. In the decades since, Weber Waibak has built a loyal following of barbecue enthusiasts and grilling professionals in backyards around the world.

Weber continues to disrupt and lead the outdoor cooking category with a comprehensive and expanding product portfolio that includes traditional charcoal grills, gas grills, smoked grills, wood pellet and electric grills and, most recently, Weber grills with cutting-edge Weber Connect technolog

According to Frost & Sullivan, Weber will have a market share of 23 percent in the U.S. and 24 percent worldwide in 2020. Weber is the leader in the largest and most attractive outdoor cooking markets, including in the U.S., Germany, Australia, Canada and France. In addition to these markets, Weber IREKS estimates that the company has the number one or number two brand position in each of the key regions it serves.

Weber has a 620,000-square-foot (57,000 m2) manufacturing center in Chicago, USA, as well as two plants in Illinois with 67,000 square feet and 59,000 square feet, respectively. There is also a 757,000 sq. ft. global distribution center in Illinois, as well as another smaller distribution center of 320,000 sq. ft. covering mainly the DTC direct sales and e-commerce business in North America (USA and Canada).

Barbecue in the United States, is a way of eating for all ages, Americans regardless of class and background, from the ordinary people’s homes to the presidential palace, almost can not be separated from the barbecue. President George W. Bush Jr. took a barbecue at his ranch instead of a dinner at the White House as the most intimate ritual of entertaining dignitaries. In fact, Europeans and their descendants also like barbecue, but the Americans will be popularized and developed it. In North America, especially in the United States, barbecue has become a way of eating and socializing that originated in Europe and is different from Europe, which has its own historical origins, cultural background and taste customs. 

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