These Good Not Expensive “Kitchen Appliances” Do You Know?

Did the last issue of the goodies share your heart or help you? This issue continues to bring kitchen goodies to share, I believe there must be something you can use!

  • Multifunctional Ice-cream And Fruit Scoop

Children’s favorite kitchen utensils. Use it to scrape the surface of the ice cream, after scraping full scoop, a pinch is a ball, fun to dig out the fruit is also very beautiful.

  • Anti-cutting Gloves (children’s size)

Raise children to do housework, when helping to cut vegetables in the kitchen, let children wear it, you will not worry about accidentally cut fingers. Divided into adult and children’s size, optional, I personally like it very much. Recommended!

  • Soda Machine

Advantages: easy to operate, simple ingredients, environmental protection and health! When you buy a bottle of carbon dioxide gas bottle, aligned with the machine bottle mouth installed, press the top of the machine two to three times, see the bubbles into the bottle, a perfect glass of bubble soda is complete! If you like to drink fruit flavors, you can add juice or lemon. The amount of gas can also be mastered, like bubbles more can also play a few more times.

Disadvantages: About every two or three months you can use up a bottle of carbon dioxide gas bottle, you need to buy a new (empty bottle to bring in a new one). The water bottle has an expiration date, expire to replace the new water bottle. But you can continue to fill ordinary water with.

Overall, we like it, personally I think if you really love to drink, and support environmental protection, or worth having. Cheaper than buying soda outside all year round.

  • Sharpening Special Appliances

Chopping knives are really maddening if they are not sharp. This knife sharpener is very good, safe and effective.

  • Food-grade Safety Non-toxic Silicone Sealing Bag

Recently it is more popular to use silicone food sealing bags, easy to carry and does not take up space. The most important thing is environmentally friendly and durable Anjin non-toxic. Instructions can contain keys, health care drugs, snacks or charging cable, etc.. I like to use it to fill the kids with fruit, or snacks. I bought two kinds, one is Stasher silicone material with the same baby pacifier.

Advantages:High and low temperature resistance, can be put into the microwave, baking box, dishwasher, refrigerator. Non-toxic and tasteless, Anjin environmental protection, certified by the authority. Due to the excellent elasticity of silicone, it can isolate the gas flow inside and outside, and it has good sealing, so it will never be used in the refrigerator, and it can achieve the best preservation effect because it can isolate the air from entering. The silicone is super resistant to aging, and will not become sticky or aging even after repeated washing. A variety of sizes to choose from, according to the need to choose.

Thank you all for reading this! The article is a little on the long side, but these kitchen utensils are what I use every day in my life, and these small items greatly improve the efficiency of household chores. I hope there is always one you like!

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