It’s Not As Simple As It Seems!

First of all, I would like to share with you the role of knife and fork, as we see in the movie, knife and fork role is much more than just to cut steak. I always believe that small things have great power, don’t you think?

Butter knife for spreading bread. Small fork and spoon for salads, sweets or some appetizers Large fork, knife and spoon for the main course

The Western table is simple and neat, following the standard pattern of all knives, forks, spoons, cups, bread plates, large plates, napkins, and small teaspoons, forks and coffee cups for side dishes. The domed knife is for buttering, the smaller pair of knives and forks is for appetizers or fish, and the larger pair of knives and forks is for meat entrees. Meals are taken in order, but sometimes you will encounter different pieces of cutlery on the left and right, that means the outermost extra piece of cutlery is used separately.

  • Western Knife And Fork Culture

1.The function of the knife and fork is to cut, in the quantitative package, cut the large into small, the small and then cut into smaller, this non-stop cutting action from large to small, cultivated the Westerners from the appearance to the essence of logical thinking.

2.The knife and fork cutting represents the power, is hard, to take the object to apply violence and coercion. For example, fork the food, forced to fix, and then use the knife to violently cut.

3.Knife and fork is a metal object, is a non-renewable limited resources in the natural environment, Westerners in meeting their own needs, while expressing the extraction and possession of resources, is profit-seeking and profit-taking, is the villainous practice of the East.

4.Knife and fork is a two-handed one-way cooperation, the talk is to hold the world, advocating the team spirit.

  • Placement of Knives And Forks.

Meal for the eight-shaped, if a temporary break in the middle of the meal, you can share the knife and fork in the plate, the knife and fork tip opposite into “a” or “eight”, knife and fork towards themselves, said or continue to eat. If it is a conversation, you can hold the knife and fork, no need to put down, but if you need to be a gesture, you should put down the knife and fork, do not hold the knife and fork in the air waving and shaking. It should be noted that no matter what time, do not put one end of the knife and fork on the plate, the other end on the table. Special attention must be paid to the side of the knife blade facing you.

There are two ways to end a meal: at the end of the meal, you can place the fork with the underside of the fork up and the knife with the blade side inwards alongside the fork, parallel to the plate. The next arrangement is divided into English and French style, but the most common is the French style. Try to put the handle inside the plate, so that it can avoid touching and falling, and it is easier for the waiter to clean up.

I wonder if this short article of mine has provided you with a little help? I would be very happy if I could help you!

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