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I always wondered if I could replace several kitchen machines with one kitchen machine. I want to have a juicer, soy milk maker, supplement machine and grinder at the same time. This is the time for the grinder to shine! Theoretically speaking, having a cooking machine is the same as having a juicer, soymilk machine, supplement machine and grinder at the same time. There are so many cooking machines on the market, what should I pay attention to when I buy one? Today, I will give you a few highly recommended models, see which one super suitable for you!

  • Breville

Small kitchen appliances have always had a great reputation! The Breville S-Blade is a kitchen appliance with an extra wide 5.5-inch feed chute for large fruits and vegetables. The LCD display includes an automatic timer that stops when the countdown is complete. Multi-functional slicing disc for 24 ways of cutting. High-horsepower motor makes it easy to handle large quantities of ingredients. Storage box with accessories and power cord storage box at the bottom of the machine for convenience and utility. Machine chassis with non-slip feet for stable operation. Safety, the cooking machine will not start unless the food pusher is properly seated.

The motor of this cooker has 1100 watts of power and Duralast all-metal drive for long-lasting durability. The patented bi-directional stainless steel metal blades alternate back and forth, drawing ingredients into the blades for full grinding. Gumbo, smoothie, dip, 3 preset programs, plus hand-adjusted variable speed to polish the ideal texture. Comes with two 20 Oz Blend-N-Go cups for portability and practicality.

  • Cuisinart

Multifunctional cooking machine, can easily complete the task of chopping, slicing, mixing, blending, pureeing, kneading and so on. Two feed slots, large and small, put in as needed to reduce the time of cutting ingredients. 3 types of slicing discs, 2mm, 4mm and shredding, efficient and precise. Simple switch with pulse function, simple and easy to operate.

  • KitchenAid

This cooking machine is more than a little thought on the design. The all-in-one storage design allows all knife head accessories to be neatly and orderly defended in a 13 cup mixing cup. Warm water with 1-2 drops of detergent to complete quick self-cleaning. 3-in-1 feed slot to shorten preparation time.

  • Magimix

With 1100 watts of horsepower, multi-style blade accessories, and a large feed chute, this cooker meets the needs of a wide variety of ingredients. 1.2L, 2.6L, and 3.6L, with 3 different sizes of mixing bowls, handle different portions of ingredients. The innovative Blendermix ring, linked to the lid, increases the pressure between the ingredients and the blade, easily achieving a velvety texture. triple Pusher layers of processing, good for homemade mayonnaise and salad dressing. With a spatula, easy to clean.

  • Vitamix

With 1200 watts of powerful power, this cooking machine can prepare ingredients perfectly in seconds. The machine comes with an electronic timer that automatically stops when blending is complete. 3 preset programs, shaved ice, smoothies, and hot soups, are all available at the touch of a button. With its own patented Self-detect safety system, if the mixing bowl is not properly installed, the machine will not start; it will also automatically recognize the size of the mixing bowl to adjust the extra long mixing time. Careful design, just a drop of detergent and the right amount of warm water can be automatically cleaned in 60 seconds.

The above is all the recommended kitchen goodies today, do not blow not black, what do you recommend small kitchen appliances? Welcome to share with us in the comments section!

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