Are You Really Using The Right Knife And Fork?

Knives and forks belong to a very everyday tableware, usually we can use everyday, casual. But in formal occasions, the use of knives and forks will have to pay attention to the method.

The basic principle of holding a knife and fork is to hold the knife or spoon in your right hand and the fork in your left hand, holding the end lightly in your hand and pressing your index finger on the handle. Special attention should be paid here to the fact that it is also possible to hold a fork in the right hand and a knife or spoon in the left. In addition, when eating with a knife and fork, you should use the fork to fix the left side of the food, then use the knife to cut the food into a small bite size, and then use the fork to dip it into the mouth with seasoning.

The number of tableware knives and forks should be equal to the number of courses, and arranged in the order of serving from the outside to the inside, and lined up in order from the outside to the middle when dining, in the order of eating appetizers with, eating fish with, and eating meat with. All forks and spoons are placed upward, and all knives are placed inward. After the meal has been served, they are placed in parallel and diagonally on the plate.

If you need to put down the knife and fork in the middle of a meal, you should put the knife and fork on the plate in the shape of a figure of eight to show that you want to continue eating. If it is finished eating a dish, it should be neatly placed in the center of the cutlery to 4 o’clock direction, that can take away the plate. The fork and spoon placed horizontally in front of the table are the cutlery for dessert, so do not use them arbitrarily and follow the order of serving. When eating, the left and right hands are usually working together.

In general, in western restaurants and buffet restaurants, the maximum number of knives and forks on the table is usually no more than three. Western restaurants will give you three sets of knives and forks, knives and forks have different specifications, according to the use of different sizes and determine the size of the difference. When eating meat, whether you want to cut it with a knife or not, you should use a large size knife. When eating salads, sweets or some appetizers, generally use a smaller fork and spoon, when drinking soup, use a large spoon, the small knife on the left is a butter knife, specially for smearing bread, never use it to cut meat. But in the professional high-class Western restaurant or steakhouse, for more than three courses set, it is necessary to place a new knife and fork after the knife and fork are used up with the dish and then placed. Due to special considerations, the steakhouse used to cut steak forks are dedicated to the pursuit of steak a knife cut that is completely separated from the feeling of pleasure.

This is the practical method of knife and fork and precautions, is not the thought of thinking about it is hungry?

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