So It Only Sells Egg Beaters?

This issue continues the history of the development of the whisk in the last issue, if you still want to continue to understand how the development of the next, please continue to see the legend of the whisk for you! Egg beaters were not so simple!

Best was the first domestic manufacturer to make a wooden-handled whisk in the United States and also pioneered the flat-bottomed whisk. About 35 years ago, Best developed a non-toxic epoxy resin to seal the mixing head to the handle and prevent bacteria from entering at the joint. Over the past 60 years, Best has made small changes to the original whisk, producing 65 models in different sizes and configurations.

  • Rotatable whisk

A regular ball whisk is practical for mixing egg whites thoroughly. Best solves this problem by twisting the handle to flatten the whisk. In this way, it can also be used as a flat whisk, perfect for stirring sauces in a pan or making gravy in a baking dish.

For cooking enthusiasts of French gourmet macarons, the biggest pain in the already lengthy preparation process is separating the yolks from the whites, a procedure that is much more time-consuming than you might think. Unlike most baking, macarons don’t need a bit of yolk, but they do need a lot of pure egg whites, and Best has made this procedure much easier with a small change to the regular whisk. This whisk can be used just like a regular whisk.

Best has also fitted the mixer with an ergonomic handle for better control.

  • Whisk Wiper

In 2016, John Merrifield and Whisk Wiper designer Matthew Mitchell collaborated to develop a Whisk Wiper whisk. Essentially, the Whisk Wiper is a compact, 3D-printed accessory that can be mounted on a manual whisk.

Before using it, simply insert and slide the metal wire against the whisk to the top of the whisk, which also allows it to act as a holder and a receiver. When the mixing is complete, simply slide it down and as you slide it, you can see the residue from the wire being scraped off in droves and all the residue ends up collecting on the edge of the Whisk Wiper. The residue can also be easily scraped off into the basin in order not to waste material.

The combination of the Best Whisk and the Whisk Wiper is a revolutionary achievement in the history of whisking, not only making cleaning easier, but also saving more materials. Although Best’s core product is the whisk, the Merrifield brothers occasionally experiment with other product innovations as well.

One of the most successful was a reusable bread bag made of polyester and sealed with Velcro. The Merrifield brothers invented these bread bags in the early 1990s to solve the problem of bagging the jumbo bread people were producing at the time. Even now, people use these bags to hold ordinary bread and rolls.

“When we first started using whiskers, we were under the impression that imported whiskers were on the high side and had a limited selection in this country,” said Lynn Becraft, president of Kitchen Kaboodle, “Now, the whisk variety is abundant, but Best’s products are still the highest quality and the best sellers.”

“Growth is a little difficult right now, but we have a stable business with loyal customers.” John Merrifield said, “We will continue to do what we do best.”

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