Everyday Use of Knives And Forks Its History Do You Know?

The original origin of the knife and fork and the ancient nomadic habits of Europe, they immediately live with a knife, often cooked meat, cut off and eat. Later, after moving towards settled life, Europe was dominated by animal husbandry, and bread and the like were side dishes, taken directly by hand. The main food was beef and lamb, and the meat was cut with a knife and sent into the mouth. After the settlement of the cities, knives and forks entered the home kitchen before they had to be carried around. It is easy to see that today’s knife and chopsticks as the main cutlery in the West have a very different identity, it has a variety of functions, it can be used to slaughter, dissect, cut the meat of cattle and sheep, and when cooked and edible, but also as cutlery.

Western eating utensils are mainly knives and forks, initially only knives, early knives are stone knives or bone knives, until after the refining of copper, there is a copper knife, after the emergence of iron, only then changed to use iron knife. The knife alone, unlike chopsticks, is not strictly a tableware, because it is multifunctional, used to slaughter, dissect, cut the meat of hunting things or cattle and sheep, and when it is cooked and edible, it is also used as tableware.

As late as the 15th century, Westerners in order to improve the posture of the meal, only to use a fork with two tines, because the knife to send food into the mouth is not elegant, instead of using a fork to hold the meat, sent into the mouth looks more elegant. Fork is the strict sense of cutlery, but the weakness of the fork is inseparable from the knife cut in front, so the two are indispensable. By the end of the 17th century, the British high society began to use the three-tipped fork, and only in the 18th century there were four fork tines fork. So the Westerners knife and fork and only four or five hundred years of history.

Europe is dominated by animal husbandry, bread and the like are side dishes, taken directly by hand. The main food is beef and lamb, and it is most convenient to cut the meat with a knife and send it into the mouth. Pastures and grasslands are vast, knife and fork is hanging on the belt, food is not fixed, must carry. After settling in the city, the knife and fork into the home kitchen, only then do not have to carry.

Knife and fork usage is from the outside to the inside in order to use. When eating, the left and right hands usually work together, that is, a knife and a fork used in pairs. Some exceptions are when drinking soup, but only the spoon is placed on the right side – with the right hand holding the spoon.

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