I Think You Need A Lazy Man’s Must-have Tool!

If you want to make a good meal at home, it takes a lot of energy. Washing vegetables, peeling, cutting vegetables, busy down how much work it took, only the people who cook understand! In order to improve the efficiency of cooking, June this to provide you with some convenient kitchen appliances. Don’t look at all the small pieces of inexpensive, time-saving cooking, they can help a lot!

Cooking is about color and flavor, the first place to look good, but to do a good job, knife skills almost can not. Fortunately, the ability to do crumbs of the crooked nuts invented a lot of time-saving kitchen tools, now let’s give you an inventory of what are the good kitchen utensils.

  • Vegetable Chopper / Dicer

Reason: Use vegetable dicer, as long as you choose the right size blade, the vegetables or fruits will be slightly cut into the right size cutter area, and then put on the blade and close the lid a press, neat and tidy diced vegetables immediately!

  • Corn Stripper

Reason: Want fresh corn kernels? This kernel stripper can help you. Just stuff the corn while pushing and twisting, you can peel a whole strip of corn in half a minute.

  • Egg Yolk Extractor

Reason: This suction yolk separator is practical and fun, using the principle of suction ball pinch the suction ball will be mouth to the yolk, and then release the yolk will be naturally sucked up. The separator is made of safe, non-toxic silicone, so you can use it without worry!

  • Meat Grinder Manual Cooking Machine

Reason: Usually cooking, the most afraid of diced vegetables, pounding meat froth these, processing down is always very time consuming. This manual cooking machine is very convenient, especially for grinding meat froth! However, we should remind this small bowl meat grinder, the capacity is relatively small, once put 2-3 servings of meat into the better.

  • Electric Pepper And Sea Salt Grinder

Reason: electric stainless steel salt and pepper grinder, electric is really effortless to use, and can also adjust the degree of coarseness of grinding, quality and feel are quite advanced.

  • IKEA magnetic heat insulation silicone mat

Reason: To hot pots and pans insulation pad, must recommend the IKEA magnetic insulation pad. Insulation pad with its own magnetic, as long as you stick to the bottom of the pot, you want to put hot pots and pans anywhere. A little more intelligent than the ordinary insulation pad!

  • Aldi Gingerbread Man

Reason: When steaming food, if the lid is placed diagonally and not completely tightly closed, it may run out of place due to the amount of water and air. The small hole in the lid alone is not enough to disperse the water vapor. So, adding a little steam control helper to the edge of the pan will solve the problem perfectly!

  • Rice Washing Bowl

Reason: The key to good rice is a good rice cooker (casserole or cast iron pot), good rice, good cooking water, and cleanly washed rice grains.

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