Together We Create A Kitchen That Gets Better And Better.

How can we escape from the storage aspect of living and home? Especially the kitchen, where a lot of utensils are placed, is definitely the most important storage. After all, for those who love to cook, this is the battlefield to be tossed around every day. If you want to spend the least amount of time organizing every day, but can easily maintain an orderly state, reasonable storage becomes especially critical! This issue continues to share seven ideas for organizing kitchen goodies!

  • Idea 3:

Use the right storage tools to expand the space

As mentioned earlier, the golden area of the kitchen is the easiest place to get things, since it is so good to use it, of course, with some storage tools can easily expand the space ~ here to emphasize, or to think about what to put first, in order to more targeted to find the right storage tools yo, otherwise blindly buy some so-called storage tools, but can not match the actual situation at home, still can not The effect is still not very good.

I don’t know if you have such a narrow door hanging cabinet at home, long and narrow and towering, giving people a very chicken-hearted feeling, I once regarded it as a space that can not be effectively used, only stacking some almost unused items. Until a while ago, I began to think about this article, suddenly I felt that this hanging cabinet how to say also in the range of easy to get, or to find a way to use up, it was thought that you can put a utensil holder, the original scattered in various drawers of some kitchen utensils collected in here, to the original drawers to make more space to put other common small things.

  • Idea 4:

When placing items as far as possible to do not interfere with each other.

If you have to move all the items around you in order to get the same thing, it can not be considered smooth ah ~ so we try to make the items as stable as possible when you choose to place them so that they do not fall down when you touch them, and do not interfere with each other. Let things are vertical is a very clever idea, not only to use the height of space to put more things, but also to make items independent of each other.

The cupboard at home is relatively high, usually the most convenient to take up the bottom layer, so I usually commonly used food boxes are placed in this row, but there has been a very headache: matching lids are always nowhere to put, some diagonally inserted in the cracks and some stacked on the box, every time you take the box these lids will fall to the east and even fall out. A visit to the stationery section of the home store saw a shelf for letters, a burst of inspiration, you can take it to store lids! Home to experiment a little, too good to use! According to the size to divide, good to put and good to take, the jars can also be set to stack, both to increase the placement space and very stable never fall down, comfortable!

Next issue continue to share the remaining few ideas for you, remember to like attention!

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