She’ll Really Like It!

What do girls like? Only like cakes and desserts? For mug control, a mug you like can also cure you in minutes. Since the family has an exclusive coffee machine, every morning or afternoon to make their own cup of mellow coffee, with their favorite cup, feel the simple life has become very good.

Cup control buy cups like girls buy clothes, feel always less one, as long as you like the cups will still have the impulse to buy. Look at these months one after another to buy some good-looking cups. Each of them is the recent heart love, belong to the kind of pendulum to see the mood is also very happy.

  • Loveramics

Loveramics mugs should be my favorite mugs for coffee pulling. Loveramics is the official brand of the World Latte Competition, and all participants are required to use Loveramics mugs to show their best pulling skills. This egg cup is the classic style of Loveramics, which is also used by many baristas. Fired at 1300 degrees, it is rich in color, durable and easy to clean. The bottom of the cup is rounded, allowing the coffee and milk to mix more evenly and taste better. The cup has thick walls and very good heat retention. For novice pullers, this mug is the most practical.

  • Pols Potten

Pols Potten is a foodware brand from the Netherlands, designed almost exclusively with simple colors and geometric images to show a simple and dynamic look. Highly saturated solid color tone, sharp color collision and stitching to give people a bright feeling. This brand of tableware are sold in sets of four, not sold separately. I bought this set is two yellow and two green diamond pattern, when the first look is green, but in fact, a set can be mixed and matched inside, green cups can also be set with yellow plates. Placement in fact do not have to be so rigid, can have more plasticity. The size is actually more suitable for tea cups, but can also be used to drink coffee.

  • Muji

This teacup was actually bought to be used as a practice cup for pulling flowers, because of its cute face and 200ml size is just right for pulling flowers. Of course, it is more suitable for drinking tea. The store has a glass saucer to go with it.

  • Fish Eddy

This is a traditional American breakfast with a coffee mug, simple, but very own style. It was bought at an American tableware spot in New York, see the share below.

  • Black And White Checkerboard Mug

Some time ago the great popularity of checkerboard grid, followed by this ceramic coffee mug. Classic black and white checkered, fat handle, look cute and stylish, really everything can checkerboard grid

Are these all very exciting to you? Why not take action? Welcome to like the collection, next issue continue to recommend!

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