Together We Create A Kitchen That Gets Better And Better!

How can we escape from the storage aspect of living and home? Especially the kitchen, where a lot of utensils are placed, is definitely the most important place for storage. After all, for people who love to cook, this is the battlefield to toss and turn every day ~ want to spend the least amount of time organizing every day, but also easy to maintain an orderly state, reasonable storage has become particularly critical! Today I would like to combine the actual situation of my own kitchen to talk to you about my storage ideas, from which aspects can be considered, and gradually create a more and more smoothly used kitchen.

First, a brief introduction to my kitchen storage space: the kitchen as a whole for the L-shaped countertop plus an island structure, the side also has a small pantry. cabinet area after excluding the position occupied by built-in appliances, in fact, storage space is not much, above a few groups of hanging cabinets, two cabinets below four drawers, under the island because of the microwave oven and wine cooler, there is only a single door cabinet and two drawers are storage space. The good thing is that because of the habit of keeping life simple, there is still room to spare, but it is far from a state where you can squander it recklessly.

How to understand the word “handy” in the context of kitchen storage? After thinking about it, I got the following three explanations, which also became the goal of this storage.

  • Goal 1:

You don’t have to go through the cupboards, you can get things in seconds when you need them.

The first thing that comes to mind is this meaning, as if everything is always at hand, no need to find, pick up is. But with so many items in the kitchen, how can everything be within reach? Only through a reasonable arrangement, so that we can do in most cases with the least amount of time to get what you want, so that it can be considered “smooth”.

  • Goal 2:

Arrange things exactly the way you like them.

Many times there is no standard answer to storage, simply because everyone has different habits or different kitchen conditions. Finding the storage system that works best for you and your own kitchen is the only way to maintain an organized state in the long run. A funny story comes to mind: a friend of mine thought she had lent her rolling pin to someone else and didn’t take it back, so she went to buy another one, only to find the original one lying quietly in the same place when she got home and was ready to store the new one in the corner where she felt most comfortable. This also indirectly shows that, combined with their own preferences for storage, even if you forget where something is, you can easily guess it by intuition, provided of course that you remember to have it.

  • Goal 3:

More important than its appearance, to meet the function.

At one time, I was very envious of those kitchens that were neatly organized and looked very high class, and I hoped I could achieve it in one step. I wanted to buy a whole set of uniform-looking storage containers in one go, but I couldn’t figure out what to put inside, so I felt it was hard to start. Here I would like to say that the main purpose of storage is to make our kitchen more convenient to use, no need to rush to pursue how grand it looks, with the most easily available storage tools, the kitchen will be organized in a clean and orderly way will certainly not look ugly. The conditions will be slowly upgraded later.

This issue ends here, the next issue continues to share seven ideas for organizing.

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