Do You Know These Cost-effective Wooden Cutting Boards?

We cook to use a lot of kitchenware, but the most will not be ignored is the cutting board. Then choose what kind of cutting board will also let many consumers trouble, today we bring you the collation of a few big chopping board well-known good brand!

  • SAGE

SAGE is an American wood fiber cutting board brand manufactured by Read Products, a professional American kitchenware manufacturer that developed the patented READ Woodfiber Laminate cutting board in 1998, which is used in SAGE products. The products are durable and functional, heat and stain resistant, easy to clean, and hard enough to resist knife marks with a Shore hardness of 81.

The Carving Board series is a cutting board specially designed for chopping. The products are thickened to 2.5-3cm and can handle chopping scenarios. Products are deep groove design, patented wood fiber surface fine, low water absorption rate, not easy to mold, while hard enough, not easy to bite the knife; grip part of the blade-shaped opening, no burr, convenient thumb steady grip. It is worth mentioning that in order to satisfy Japanese, European and American consumers who like to eat raw food, SAGE has divided the different functions to provide consumers with more detailed choices, but this classification is of limited significance to Chinese consumers who prefer hot and cooked food.

It should be noted that SAGE’s Carving Board and Cutting Board are very similar in packaging, so you need to check them carefully before purchasing.

  • KAI

Established in 1908, Baymark is the largest knife manufacturer in Japan and the most well-known kitchen knife brand with a hundred-year history of knife making. The cutting board, which is inseparable from the kitchen knife, is also the representative product of Beijian, and is the quality choice in the heart of domestic kitchen knife players. The brand’s cutting boards are divided into two series, like the kitchen knives, namely Guangsun Six and Xun, and its mid-series cutting boards are positioned as the flagship of Europe and America, like its kitchen knives, so the products are more friendly to western-style kitchen knives such as German and French.

The material of Xun’s cutting board is made of hinoki wood, which is a kind of wood with aromatic smell, and its hardness is lower than that of Chinese and European wooden cutting boards, while the wood of Xun’s cutting board has undergone high-temperature drying process, so that the wood is more soft, while maintaining its original low water absorption rate, which can maximize its role in protecting the knife blade. The adaptability is very high.


Epicurean’s cutting boards are made of pine or cedar fibers, the biggest advantage of which is the high density of the material, even if the surface of the board is scratched after long-term use, food juices are not easy to hide in the scratches and easy to clean, which can reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent mold.

In addition, the product heat resistance up to 176 , far more than other cutting board material, high heat resistance also makes it can be used as a heat insulation pad, but also directly into the dishwasher to clean, basically do not need to spend effort to maintain. Kitchen is the brand’s popular products, thickness of 0.25 inches (about 0.68 cm), no juice tank design, but the product is more lightweight, and pricing is lower.

The above is a more detailed introduction to the previous cutting board recommendations, focusing on the perspective of all wooden cutting boards, I hope it will help you!

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