Can You Really Tell The Difference Between These Knives?

To buy kitchen knives in the mall can be described as dazzling, Western-style knives in many different sizes and shapes of knives, in the end is to buy a full set of good or a knife to go away even if it?

  • Western-style Chef’s Knife:

It is the most commonly used kitchen knife in the United States, if the family only buy a knife, most people choose it. This knife is not suitable for cutting bones in addition to the rest of the meat and vegetables are very convenient, most people choose the 8-inch size chef’s knife.

Tool knife: The knife body is narrower than the chef’s knife and smaller, usually matching the inside, when you feel that the chef’s knife is too big, but the knife is too small, you can choose this intermediate version, depending on personal habits.

  • Pairing Knife:

Knife set of small tools, there are different shapes for different aspects, usually used for peeling and cutting fruit.

  • Carving Knife / Slicing Knife:

It usually used with a fork to cut roast meat, the same type of Japanese fish sashimi knife.

  • Bread Knife:

It that long serrated knife is usually called, as the name suggests is used to cut bread, cut those hard French bread is very convenient; modified version of the Deli Knife used to cut sandwiches, etc. also more smooth. tomato Knife look at the name to know is designed to cut the tomatoes

  • Boning Knife:

It is convenient for separating flesh and bone, and Fillet Knife fish fillet knife is usually thinner and narrower than the Boning Knife blade longer, used to separate the skin and bones of salmon and other fish, take the fish fillet is very convenient, fishing enthusiasts must.

  • Cleaver:

Cleaver look like I believe we are familiar with, Meat Cleaver knife body is thicker and heavier, cutting bones no problem, Vegetable Cleaver knife body is thinner, can only cut vegetables, Western cleaver is generally dedicated to the knife, no chopping and cutting with the knife design. So if you want a cheap, good and versatile chopping knife, you may still have to go to a Chinese supermarket (or online) to buy a Chinese style.

  • Knife Block:

General knife sets have been matched, convenient storage.

  • Magnetic Knife Holder:

If you think the traditional knife holder takes up space and is not stylish enough, the magnetic knife holder is a good choice.

The knives for home use are usually those mentioned above, and by practicality and quality, it is usually better to buy what you need alone. But the advantage of buying a full set of knives is the convenience, neat and tidy storage, some may also come with more practical tools. So what knives to buy, buy a set or buy alone really varies from person to person.

If you want to know how to choose a good kitchen knife, how to use various kitchen knives and how to maintain them, you can stay tuned for my next article!

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