Make Your Kitchen More Versatile!

How well a kitchen works depends on how smoothly it is organized. If you want to bring a new and convenient way of storage to your kitchen, you may refer to this short article today.

  • Highly Used Tableware on Shelves

Most of the general tableware will be stored in the drawer, but I think the frequently used dishes and cups may be placed in a more conspicuous and easy to reach place, such as open shelves or transparent glass hanging cabinet, tableware can not only be used as a decorative part of the kitchen, but also can be immediately accessible.

  • Under The Sink Is The Cleaning And Storage Area

Whether you are washing dishes, washing dishes or cleaning the kitchen countertop, the starting line will start from the sink, so the space under the sink is the most suitable area to store cleaning tools.

Cleaners, dishwashing sponges, rags, and garbage bags are all stored here, and Sarah also arranges pull-out baskets so that even if you bend down to get them, you can pull them out and use them.
Will also put an extra garbage can under the sink, remove the plastic packaging, paper bags, bottles and cans can be directly thrown here, the garbage can also be hidden not to occupy the walkway space.

  • Center Island Corner Adds Office Storage Area

Working at home has become the norm nowadays, and the open center island table in the kitchen is a convenient work area for mobility. More and more people are asking to design their kitchens with office storage in mind. Therefore, a bookcase or a low cabinet is usually added to the center island as soon as possible to store working documents and form a useful and convenient office space. In order to facilitate the office, one or two more plugs should be added around the center island for charging. You can also arrange sockets in the drawers for charging cell phones, tablets or laptops, or as a storage area for documents.

  • Sacrificing A Cabinet to Be Used by Pets

For homes with cats and dogs, Sarah will use a cabinet in the kitchen as a storage space for pets.

The food bowls are also placed here so that they do not take up the walkway and the cats and dogs have space to eat without worry. It can also be used with drawers to store pet’s feed and snacks nearby. The drawer with feed is specially designed with a pull-out lid to effectively prevent moisture and insects.

This issue of sharing ends here! I hope it can effectively help you with kitchen storage and organization!

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