Have You Taken Care of Your Health Today?

What are the good health pots in the United States? Health pot in addition to soak a variety of tea, fruit tea, health tea, but also occasionally cook porridge, soup, yogurt, now gradually open the office, with a put the company, you can drink at any time, today to organize a very good reputation of health pot it!

  • BUYDEEM K313 Travel Electric Kettle

This 2020 iF design award-winning, portable design, home and travel are suitable. One-touch temperature control technology with 8-hour automatic keep warm function. With a maximum capacity of 0.6L, you can always have a sip of hot ~ This kettle is made of FDA approved materials such as German Schott Duran glass and food grade stainless steel for durability. The included anti-burn dry function automatically shuts off when the water volume is too low.

One kettle is enough for two bowls, and when it’s done, it automatically turns on the keep warm function for 8 hours, (60C temperature). Very convenient, if you are in a hurry, you can put it in a thermos to take with you to eat.

  • BUYDEEM K2693 Electric Kettle

Germany imported Schott glass, high temperature and heat impact resistance. Medical-grade stainless steel heating chassis, anti-corrosion. British Strix thermostat, life test withstand 10 years. Built-in cord winder, no trace storage power cord. 70 ° C suitable for mouth temperature, constant temperature 120 minutes. One pot multi-purpose, kettle, electric stewpot, yogurt maker multi-function in one. Special lighted progress bar, food cooking progress can be seen at a glance. Additional tea basket cup and stew pot storage rack, to prevent knocking, drying, storage more convenient.

If I stew a small sweet soup can be much more convenient, the time is set, do not have to watch the fire, a key to do. You can also stew a small portion of the tonic health soup, sweet and salty without delay.

A pot of multi-purpose: tea, warm milk, porridge, soup stew, yogurt, etc. Germany imported Schott glass, high temperature and heat resistant impact. Special light strip progress bar, food cooking progress at a glance. 500ml stew pot small capacity, water stewing nutrition is not lost, the original taste more delicious.

  • ICOOKPOT Multifunctional Health Pot

ICOOKPOT has 16 intelligent preset modes, including steaming eggs, cooking cereals, making noodles and stewing soups. 160°C, 175°C, 185°C, 190°C and 200°C precise temperature control. “Menu” knob design, one key insulation, easy to operate. Up to 24 hours delay, the evening ingredients put in, you can drink in the morning. Configure child safety lock, high practicality.

This affordable multifunctional kettle, insulation, so you can drink hot water at any time, the temperature can be adjusted with several gears optional, quite humane design. You can make soup, baby food, yogurt, oats, eggs, tea, porridge, noodles, slow cook, sterilize and more!

The above is the recommendation of permaculture kettle, hope it can bring some useful reference. Which percolator do you like? What other kitchen goodies are recommended? Welcome to share in the comments section below, I’ve read all the messages from the partners, if you like this article, please like the collection!

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