Make Your Kitchen More Versatile!

How well a kitchen works depends on how smoothly it is organized. If you want to bring a new and convenient way of storage to your kitchen, you may refer to this short article today.

  • It’s Important to Have A Storage Room

If there is enough space, it is best to arrange a special kitchen storage room, all the items that do not fit into the cabinets can be stuffed into the storage room, the kitchen can be more neat and tidy. This storage room is dedicated to food storage, such as potatoes, onions, or dry groceries prepared area. With an extra counter top, there is room for a toaster oven, microwave or a small built-in sink, which can be used as a second kitchen for easy cooking.

Don’t worry if you don’t have space to squeeze out a storage room for your small home, you may want to move a cabinet to arrange for dry goods and spare parts storage, so that the clutter can be hidden as much as possible.

  • Separate Tea And Coffee Bar

More and more people need a cup of coffee in the morning to refresh themselves, a must-do ritual to start the day. So you can set up a separate coffee bar in your kitchen, with a coffee maker and kettle on the counter top, and shelves above to store cups and trays for easy brewing at any time.

Don’t want to see messy equipment on the countertop? Use the lift-up cabinet door + pull-out design can be hidden, like this when you want to use and then pull out, the whole kitchen more neat and clean. The coffee area can also be used as a breakfast bar, and it is recommended that cereal and tea bags can be stored underneath. What’s more, a small freezer can be built in, where juice, milk and ice can be placed, so that breakfast for adults and children can be prepared immediately.

  • Arrangement of Storage around The Preparation Area

Usually the preparation area is arranged on the counter top between the sink and the stove. If your home has a center island, the main work area may be arranged in the center island, so that the preparation space is more open. The center island is embedded in the sink, so it is more convenient to prepare dishes after washing. The preparation area of the kitchen needs to store various tools to prepare food, so you can store knives and cutting boards in the drawer below, so you can take them out and use them immediately.

  • The Cooking Area Is As Clean And Free of Objects As Possible

The cooking area includes the stove, oven around, like oil, seasoning, spatula and other tools are best arranged on both sides of the cooking area, easy to access at any time, and the tools are hidden in the cabinet, the countertop can be clean and free of objects. The use of narrow and long pull-out design, long cooking tools, spices can be put away, while the cabinet space is also more economical. The outside of the pull-out basket is then arranged for storage of baking pans, pans or pot lids, and pot lids are separated by shelves to make access more convenient and look neat.

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