Together We Create A Kitchen That Gets Better And Better.

How can we escape from the storage aspect of living and home? Especially the kitchen, where a lot of utensils are placed, is definitely the most important storage. After all, for those who love to cook, this is the battlefield to be tossed around every day. If you want to spend the least amount of time organizing every day, but can easily maintain an orderly state, reasonable storage becomes especially critical! This issue continues to share seven ideas for organizing kitchen goodies!

  • Idea five.

Combine your height conditions to allocate storage space.

Tall people have tall worries, short people have short sorrows, in the face of the American-style finishing kitchen, sometimes just a few centimeters, for others to get easy access to the area, but not for you, this time to leave behind those traditional storage methods, and create some really comfortable way to let yourself use it.

Although the impression of bowls and plates are usually stacked in the cabinet, but for me to open the cabinet door to get heavy how can not be more convenient than directly pulling the drawer, so the only kitchen drawer is a large and shallow drawer is used to put the most commonly used bowls and plates, the following pad will not slip, the extra space into an acrylic tray to store some irregularly shaped kitchen utensils.

  • Idea six.

Fully respect your own personalized usage preferences.

For example, to put pots and pans, the vast majority of dish drying rack on the market is not large enough for me, not suitable for my home situation. Finally, I got a set of beige and white size two draining mats, large enough area, and then find two pieces of grid, the small can put dishes and cups, the large is actually sink protection, there is a round hole in the middle. But its long grid pattern allows the edge of the bowl inserted in it vertically, there is airflow from the bottom through, so the bowl quickly dry it.

  • Idea seven.

Practicality first, do not give up the convenience of use in the pursuit of beauty.

Whether it’s storage methods or storage tools, the pursuit of beauty is certainly not a problem, but I feel that if this causes trouble in the use of it will be more than worth the loss. Do not look at each use caused 5 seconds of bad, years and years will feel very tired storage, which is contrary to our goal!

Before moving I really wanted to have a pantry with all unified storage jars, but really things came to a head but could never convince myself to invest in storage jars, not that storage jars are not good, just that in the end it is not a must for me. I think there are two functions of storage jars: one is to seal and preserve, and the second is that if storage space is very limited, you can put a small wave of food in a more accessible place, so you don’t need to take it from an inconvenient place every day. But for my family, pantry space is enough without the problem of inconvenience, the original packaging of food has mostly been sealed with no hidden danger of moisture, and soft packaging is always more space-saving than jars and cans.

This experience is shared here, thanks to everyone who saw it here! Although every home is different, but still hope that these storage ideas can give you some inspiration to help you create the most suitable for their own kitchen storage system!

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